Core Value: 10X

Success stems from working 10 times harder than anyone else and displaying a domination mentality. That’s why 10X is a core value at Vooza. Now watch this video, you wimp!

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You know, people come up to me on the
street all the time.
They say Steve, what are your core values?
And I say, well, ten times.
And they say, well, what does that mean?
And I go, well, ten times everything.
That's my core value.
Ten times bigger, ten times better, ten
times faster.
And then they'll be like, yeah, you can't
apply that to everything in your life.
I'll say, yes I can.
Ten times everything.
I'll go I'll go and order a taco and I'll
be like what am I doing?
I'll take one taco please, times ten.
Ten times bigger, ten times better, ten
times faster.
And then I get ten tacos which is way, I
mean I
ended up throwing away at least four tacos
which is just wasteful.
I guess, but in the same time, I've shown
lady who works at the taco stand that I
mean business.
Ten times that business.
Ten times!
My mom calls me up crying and I'm saying
mom, it's pretty good crying, but
I think you can go about ten times harder,
and then she does, ten times.
I actually, ten times is one of my core
That I will go ten times and then multiply
that by ten.
So now I going 20 times harder.
Core value.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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