Conference Q&A

Putting a microphone in the hands of random strangers can be a dangerous thing. 

And, that will conclude my presentation.
Let's open it up to Q and A, are there any questions?
>> Oh, oh right here, right here, excuse me,
hey, hey, hey, question, I got one.
Thank you.
>> [LAUGH].
>> Woo, [LAUGH] sweet.
hi, I'm Steve.
And I just want to start by saying what a huge fan I
am of hearing my own voice.
This is amazing!
[LAUGH] Of course I, I realize this is actually all about you and
your talk.
But, I mean, you were foolish enough to hand me this ego enhancer, so
I guess it's my time to shine.
I guess, I, I'll start my question off by giving you all a brief biography
of my life, starting at my childhood, and coming to this present moment.
And now, I will drop a couple names, just to try to impress you guys.
Like the fact that one time,
I spilled a Diet Pepsi on Mark Zuckerberg's assistant, no biggie.
In fact, I was actually on Facebook the entire time, so
I have no idea what you were actually talking about.
But, I'm just going to keep on talking and talking and talking and talking.
Hopefully, no one will notice that I have no
idea what was said minutes before I started speaking into this microphone.
And now, I'll mention a cause that is close to my heart, but
has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and that cause is dolphin OCD.
It's real, people.
Dolphins are struggling out there in these oceans.
They just keep washing their flippers over and over and over again.
And, they need our help.
Please donate to my website,
You can check me out on Twitter @dolphinboy.
I've got a hashtag, #whalessuckdolphinsrule.
And you, also, I'm on Instagram, username Etetetet.
That's four ets, not three, or five, if you do.
Okay, so, let me get to my question, and my question is,
I'm jealous of you, and I would like to be the one speaking on stage.
>> Not sure that's a question.
>> I'm sorry.
How can I be the guy speaking on stage next time?
Follow up question.
Can you believe I'm still speaking to a microphone right now?
This is crazy.
I would have thought that like security would have taken this away, but
you guys just keep letting me talk.
So, I guess we could start talking about my dad.
Cool guy.
Raised me until the age of three, then went on to go and
do his own thing which I totally respect.
I get it. Boys will be boys.
I was same.

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