Conference Keynote

Vooza’s CEO gives an inspirational talk at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

I'd like to start off with a question a lot of your are asking.
How much funding do you need, right?
And I think a good lesson here is to look at a company called Color.
Color raised over $41 million in funding, and the app went out of business.
And I think there's a clear lesson there.
You need more than $41 million to build a successful app.
Next up.
Here's a tip for you.
Question I always ask myself, what would Steve do?
All right.
This book right here, that's my bible.
All right.
I ask it all the time, what would Steve do?
The first thing he would do?
Wear a black turtle neck.
>> Thank you.
Next step, when I'm hiring, I always ask this question, key question.
Would I like to get a drink with this person?
All right.
Would I like to get a drink with this person, and if
the answer is yes, I stop the interview and we do shots.
[LAUGH] Right there.
because I'm an alcoholic.
All right, and I'm also scared of people.
I don't know how to meet people, and I've found that a
great way to meet people is to pretend you have job openings.
Yeah, they line up, they show up, you're like hey, let's do shots and talk.
Wait, where are you going, come back.
It works for me, guys.
Next up, you need more monitors.
He knows what I'm talking about.
What do you have?
One monitor, two monitors?
Come on, childs play.
Here's my setup.
Got online poker, Gizmodo, Hacker News, the Next Web, World
of Warcraft, surveillance camera in the lobby, kittens falling asleep.
I'm on the pulse of the internet, all the time.
But I do more than just monitors.
I read two books at the same time.
No accident that, that one's call Focus, okay?
I can handle it, can you?
And oh, by the way, one more thing.
You thought I was going to go?
Wrong again.
One more thing, let's end up where we began.
You've got to embrace failure, right?
Already a lot of you in this room
are embracing your failure, I love to see it.
A lot of failure in here.
Love to see it.
It's really encouraging.
Failure, failure is all about how you frame it, right?
You know, I could say, oh, my wife is divorcing me.
I could say that, or I could say oh, my
wife is disrupting our marriage in order to pivot romantically.
Totally different meaning, you know?
And along those lines, my last tip, remember this most of all.
Your family is an obstacle, okay?
You need to be working all the time, they're just getting
in the way with their I need to see you tonight, again?
Come on.
I want to show you how I lead my life.
I want to show you a family tree that my six year old son drew.
And it really touched me in a meaningful way.
As you can see, he drew his mom and there
he is crying tears, and he depicted me as a laptop.
And when I see that, I swell up with pride.
because I know, I'm spending my life the right way.
Thank you very much everyone, have a good time.

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