Coffee Snob

An expert explains the biggest mistakes coffee drinkers make.

>> Hm.
Some people think of coffee as just a drink.
Other people say, it's just part of my morning ritual.
I feel sorry for these people.
Coffee is an art.
Coffee is an experience.
Coffee is life.
Everything you've been told about coffee is a lie.
And I am here to set the record straight,
because I can't take the lies any more.
>> I like foam art.
>> Me too.
Then I graduated middle school.
>> What about iced coffee?
Is that?
>> Only if it's brewed in the traditional Japanese style.
>> Creamer?
>> Just put poison in there?
Just put poison in there.
I mean, you're killing me.
>> Sugar?
>> Only if it's Turbinado.
Organic sugar from the mountainsides of Columbia.
>> No.
>> Then I would probably say no.
>> What about milk?
>> I don't mix cow and bean.
Not my rules.
Those rules come from Hecham.
Thank you Hecham.
>> Soy milk?
No [LAUGH] soy milk, no, I, like I don't,
I don't even know why you would say
that to me [LAUGH] like coffee is,
is just like so important to me.
Soy, soy milk?
Are you, are you serious?
I, I gotta go.
I can't.
I can't.

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