Code Poets [Sponsored]

C++ sonnets, Python haikus, and JavaScript limericks? Vooza’s programmers explore the similarities between poetry and coding. (This episode sponsored by AppDynamics. Learn more about AppDynamics application performance management.)

Poetry and code are so similar.
>> In context.
>> And line breaks, stanzas.
>> Indentation, even word choice.
>> And that's why we consider ourselves, code poets.
Left bracket.
Question mark.
PHP. End div.
Question mark.
Right bracket. [MUSIC]
>> I look for certain things in both poetry and code.
>> Mm. They should be lightweight and elegant, not bogged down by lines and
lines of garbage.
>> Personally, I find it helpful to actually write poetry about the code.
I call this one Stopping by a 25-inch Monitor on a Snowy Evening.
The code is lovely, dark, and deep, but
I have uptime promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.
Now, who has Adderall?
In the beginning, I'm not worried about the little things like,
does my code work?
Is it functional?
I care about the big picture, the overall arc of the story.
Like an M Night Shyamalan movie, my code has three acts.
And then a surprise ending.
>> Oh, and the ending is a little boy saying I see dead code.
Code doesn't work really.
>> Yeah, but those, those are details in the beginning.
That's why we turn to APPDYNAMICS.
It gives us real-time insight into our app.
How it's performing, how it's being used, where it needs help?
>> And it needs a lot of help.
How do I code thee?
Let me count the ways.
I code thee with the passion I put to use in watching Game of Thrones.
I code thee with Doritos and
Red Bull, and if God choose, I shall but code the better after death.
Or even in unscheduled downtime.
I code thee.
>> I've actually been inventing new forms of code poetry.
C++ sonnets, Python haikus and JavaScript limericks.
[MUSIC] There once was a man from Nantucket, whose code was so
bad they said-

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