Code Pigs

Our programmers are rebels who reject the dogma of the coding world. In this video, they discuss Ruby on Rails, programming schedules, a creative use for handcuffs, The Settlers of Catan, and why they prefer to be called code pigs.

I'm a bit of an iconoclast.
A rebel.
I rejected the dogma of other languages and how things are supposed to be.
That's why I use Ruby on Rails.
Sure I could, I could program in PHP, but I
could also use a sundial to tell me the time.
People ask me if we have like a programming schedule.
I'll tell you our programming schedule.
You ready?
It'll be done, when it's done.
>> Boom.
>> We at Vooza have a motto when it comes to programming.
Fast, good and cheap.
You get two out of those three.
And the two have to be fast and cheap.
>> We're all outta good.
>> A lot of people do pair programming, but
we always like to take things to the next level.
That's why we've invented the concept of handcuff programming.
Seems a little counter-intuitive, but you
end up with a better finished product.
Yeah, there's some give-and-take, but a smart handcuff programmer
always knows when to say, why don't we try
your idea first, or I'm losing circulation in my
left hand or oh no, I lost the key.
We're gonna be here a while.
We have the best shiniest equipment that money can buy.
We want our programmers to feel good about their technology.
Plus, you shove a new laptop in someone's face,
they forget that you haven't paid them in a month.
>> Apple.
>> I am really into German board games.
Uh, sometimes we stay late and play this game uh, The
Settlers of Catan, which basically the goal is to colonize an island.
I mean, everyone says, oh, it's just about the
roll of the dice, but no, it's about gut.
It's about instinct.
I mean, it's no coincidence that I've won 70% of the games we've played.
>> It's only 62%.
I've got a spreadsheet.
>> Uh, well I have a gut.
And the gut says 70.
>> 62.
>> Oh yeah.
Give it to me baby, [SOUND] just, just, stup.
I don't like the word programmer.
I prefer a code pig.
I like to just get in the mud with
my code, get, get sloppy, roll around with it.
Disgust other people.
[SOUND] Right?
It's a good way for them to leave you alone.
Let me hear you snort.
[SOUND] Do it, come on.
>> No.
>> You're a code pig.
>> No.
>> Be a code pig.
[SOUND] I don't wanna snort.
>> [SOUND] Zach, you're a code pig.
[SOUND] Be a pig.
>> I don't wanna do it, you know.
>> You have three seconds.
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