Chartjunk [Sponsored]

Vooza’s got a new design guru and his critiques are vicious. This episode of Vooza is sponsored by WeTransfer, an online file-transferring platform that’s no hassle, no stress, and no charge.

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There's no such thing as information
overload, only bad design.
Some graphic designers are decorators.
They dress their facts up in pretty little
I use silly little things like math and
discipline and rules.
Good design is clear thinking made
Bad design is stupidity made visible.
I have a finely tuned radar for stupidity
and I see it everywhere.
Why is my email going all crazy?
>> I just emailed you those files.
>> You can't email files that large.
Come on!
>> I'm sorry, I didn't, realize.
>> Just use WeTransfer with WeTransfer you
can transfer up to five gigs
at a time and it stays there for as long
as you want!
Emailing files that big is like, is like
driving a tank!
WeTransfer is like driving a sleek, sexy
racing car.
>> What is that?
What are you doing?
>> The sexy racing car.
>> No, you don't, you don't get to do
I drive the fancy racing car, okay.
All right, what do we have here?
>> I sent you some of my ideas for
the site redesign, I was hoping to get
your feedback.
>> Classic website goobliegock.
Intellectually impoverished.
Approaching dementia.
This is just tragic.
Its too shallow.
Too Deep.
Too wide too steam punk.
This one doesn't even have synchronization
of pathos.
Terrible data to ink ratio.
This is a chart I made of your IQ, as you
can see it's rapidly approaching zero.
How does that make you feel?
>> I'm kinda happy that you made a chart.
>> Me too.
Boxes, we never use boxes.
Boxes reflect insecurity in design.
Nothing is more suspicious than boxes.
Chart junk.
If I wanted sacrin design flourishes I'd
pour sweet and low all over my head.
Does this look like what I want?
Cuz it is not.
Does this look like how a man should be?
Cuz it is not.
Do I look like I want this?
Do I look like this is how I want things?
Does this look like what I want because
this is not what I want.
Oh, I know where you went to school.
You went to the birthday party
clown school of data visualization, that's
Where you need shiny little objects and
bright little colors to convey simple
You know what, here.
Let me put on a little clown nose so you
feel more at home, all right.
Do I look like one of your teachers now?
Oh hey, here's little nose for you.
Look, we're back in college again.
Oh, here's a little clown horn.
Oh, do you feel more at home now?
Where are your balloon animals?
Get your balloon animal homework out here
at your college.
>> Thanks for the feedback.
>> You're welcome.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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