CEO Helps Design Team

They may have years of design training, but he’s got something more important: gut instinct.

>> All right, nothing like rolling up the sleeves and
diving into the trenches with the design team.
[SOUND]. >> You know, we actually went to design school for years.
I know you're the CEO, but maybe you could.
>> I understand, yeah, I could have years of design training, but
I got something a little more important.
Gut instinct.
All right?
That's the gut right there.
Everybody can see it.
>> Great.
>> Now, I'm a little bit concerned about the design.
I'm worried it's too grungy, a little too Doc Martin-y, a little too I've
been in bed for three weeks listening to Alice in Chains and
I would like it to be more chic and sophisticated.
More like a pair of Louboutin.
You know that sleek red heel?
>> I don't know what you're talking about.
>> I want it to communicate, Vooza knows where it's going and yet
we also remember our past.
Except for that time we passed out in a dumpster, we do not remember that.
>> Still no clue what you're talking about.
>> I think it's important it has a mathematical consistency.
I think the whole width should be 1,776 centimeters,
in order to represent [SOUND] the influence [SOUND] the founding fathers
have had on me, as a leader.
And I don't want it to have any straight lines.
Okay, there's no straight lines in nature.
Let's be organic, let's be curvy.
>> Okay, just going to hit the Organic button.
>> And also let's alternate lower case and
upper case letters to communicate the way we pivot between ideas.
>> Okay, so I was thinking for font.
>> No I'm thinking we should be a little bit Helvetica, but
a little bit Wingding.
A little bit Google, but a little bit Facebook.
>> Cool, okay, here, no problem.
>> And then I'd like to have the vibe, you know, oh you can take this to
the opera, but also you can crowdsurf with it at a mosh pit.
You got a filter for that?
>> yeah, yeah, let me just tamper with the, the Vibe filter.
>> Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, it's like I always say,
design is a lot like making a Samurai sword, you know?
You pour all your design ideas in there and then you just take a hammer.
Doing that process over and
over again until you beat out all the impurities.
>> All right.
Think we've got what you want.
It's classic, yet sophisticated.
I think it really speaks to Vooza's history.
>> God, it is so, so, beautiful.
Thank you.

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