Catered Lunch

In an office of picky eaters, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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>> Alright guys, catered lunch is here.
Come and get it.
>> Alright.
Looks good.
Sorry I'm a vegetarian.
I don't eat meat.
>> Oh well I mean, there's some vegetable
>> Alright, I'll look.
Do you know how this was prepared because
doing an I'm doing a Paleo thing I'm
>> I don't think it was prepared by
>> No, I can't eat it.
I can't eat any of this.
>> Hey, it's free food huh?
>> Yeah.
>> Oh, this is all vegetables?
>> There's some meat over there.
Eww, it's touching the vegetables.
I'm not really doing vegetables these
>> Does this have gluten in it?
>> Yeah, some of it has gluten in it.
>> Oh, I can't have any.
>> Was this on a farm at one point?
>> A potato, yeah, it was probably on a
>> See I can't.
I'm not doing anything from farms.
>> Do you know if anyone was yelling in
the kitchen when this
was prepared because I can't have any bad
vibes in my food either.
>> It's got a angry vibe to it.
>> Yeah, right.
>> Especially this, how mad is this?
Why would you ever put that in your body?
Look how mad it is.
Do you know where this tin foil is from?
Do you know where it was made?
>> China, probably?
>> Yeah, I'm not doing Chinese tin foil.
>> How much of this is organic?
>> Did you read the article?
>> I think it's all organic.
>> Yeah.
>> Okay.
>> I need processed.
>> You, you don't eat organic?
>> Don't you know that organic, there's
thing now, about how organic's actually
worse for you?
>> Yeah, I'm on a preservative diet right
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, me too.
You know what, guys?
I've got some Twinkies at my desk.
I've got enough for everyone.
>> Yeah>
>> Yeah?
>> We'll get a seat there.
>> Enough?
>> Yeah, enough with this junk.
Let's go.
>> That's good.
>> Wai, wai, wai, wait.
Are the Twinkies soy based?
>> Of course.
>> Perfect.
>> Alright.
Twinkie time.
>> Twinkies!
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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