Burning Man

The tech world can make you jaded. That’s why it’s important to get inspired by sticks, witches, and Burning Man.

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We don't make distinctions between IA, UI,
and UX.
>> Yeah, to us they're all meaningless
We want to inspire people to live more
productive lives.
>> And then we want to IPO because most of
our salaries are stock options.
>> And then we can inspire even more
It's all about the inspiration.
>> Inspirations great, but mail me that
IPO, that's the big one.
>> When we were kids, we all saw
possibilities in the simplest of things.
Like if we saw a stick it could be a cow
in a
ranch or a magic wand, but then you grow
up, and then when you
see a stick, you just think of it as a
stick, and that's
why I don't like labels, and when I see
sticks, I see endless possibilities.
>> See, I take more of an academic
approach to design, but.
>> Yeah, I never, never really grew up
is why I have an inquisitive curious naive
That is what keeps my eyes fresh, I'm not
jaded into what the industry is doing.
I am free from that academic approach of
knowing things.
>> We also both love to dance.
>> I was a ballerina, from the ages to
five to
energies through dance.
It really helps me clear my head.
>> Definitely makes you more focused
>> The fact that I can build something and
then see it
and use it after I build it, is really
fascinating to me.
I feel like I'm a witch and I just made a
I'm like Steve Nicks, Rhiannon reigns like
a bell
through the night and wouldn't you love to
love her.
>> You're not, you're not really a witch
>> No, but I think I'm Stevie Nicks.
We try to unite as a design team.
I mean, I think that's why Nate and I came
together at Burning Man last year.
>> Yeah, we, we put up a piano in the
>> Oh.
>> And then lit up in all these crazy
>> And then it played a piece by Mozart.
>> And then it exploded.
>> And then we took like those scraps from
the piano and made a go kart.
And I think that's when we really came
>> Yeah, especially during the lawsuits
from all
the people who got burned by the piano.
>> I mean, that's what Burning Man is all
about, it's the lawsuits.
>> Piano's and fire.
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