Branding is so much more than just your logo. Learn how to go tribal, the origin story of “branding,” and some crazy tips for building buzz.

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You know, brand is not just your logo or
your website.
It's so much more than that.
>> Yeah, I mean, it's also which font you
use on your business cards.
>> And the color scheme of your home page.
>> Right, right, right.
And the t-shirt you wear.
>> Branding is, deeply tribal.
>> Deeply.
If you have a laptop that's got an Apple
logo on it, I'm gonna know that we're
>> Right.
>> You know, you're also cool.
>> Yeah.
>> And listen to NPR.
>> Yeah.
>> And are a failed artist.
>> In a coffee shop.
>> Working on a screen play.
Well, I grew up in a neopagan household,
worshiping Norse gods.
And a lot of people don't know the word
brand comes
from the old Norse word, brandur, which
means to burn by fire.
>> Yeah, and when it comes to branding,
you gotta say, the Vikings really nailed
That and nailed it.
>> I mean when you think of Scandinavians
who you
know rape and pillage and invade people,
who comes to mind?
>> Yeah,
yes, it's true.
We've been in the news for lay offs and
for not having
any revenue and for hiring dwarfs to play
leprechauns at our conference.
>> I mean the number problem in the tech
world is not getting any attention.
So, really all those things are already a
>> Good press, bad press, press,
Your brand needs a likable personality to
appeal to users.
>> That's why I tell people Vooza is like
Ryan Gossling like, you know,
have a personality attached to the brand
so, you know people think of us.
They think we're dark and mysterious.
And, you know, we're a criminal but, you
know, we're doing
it for the girl who lives next door who's
got a kid.
And we're not even having sex with her.
We just, you know, care about what
>> That's.
>> We're That's just Drive.
That's the, that is the plot to Drive.
>> It's Vooza.
It's the plot to Vooza.
>> But it, it's also, that is also Drive.
>> I, I didn't see that movie.
>> I saw it, I've seen it twice.
>> It's just how I imagine Vooza to be.
>> But you're always playing the
>> That's just some 80s synthesizer music
I like to listen to while I work.
What's the name of that movie again, I
should check it out.
>> Drive.
>> Let me put that on my Netflix queue.
So let's do a little word association,
okay what
adjectives come to mind, when I name the
following companies?
>> Okay.
>> Apple.
>> Innovative.
>> Jeep.
>> Rugged.
>> Subway.
>> Weird bread.
>> Starbucks.
>> Pumpkin spice latte.
>> US Weekly.
>> Cellulite.
>> Goldmann Sachs.
>> Future husband.
>> IKEA.
>> Really good meatballs.
>> Hmm.
>> Yeah.
>> I don't know.
>> Clueless
>> Exactly.
>> That's our brand.
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