Big Data

Meet Vooza’s Data Scientist. He’s got lots of opinions on Big Data, Nate Silver, Malcolm Gladwell, and Comic-Con.

With Big Data, we can use information to solve worldwide problems.
What makes the population go up and down?
How does the flu spread?
What costumes going to be biggest at Comicon this year?
I use tools that help me deal with hundreds of millions of rows of data.
I can pivot that data with a sub-second response time.
I, I could find a needle in a haystack when that haystack has over
three petabytes.
A petabyte, you don't know what a petabyte is?
A petabyte is ten to the 15th bytes of digital information.
When should I post the photo I took of my lunch on Facebook?
Noon or 1 PM?
Let's go to the Data.
Let's find peak interaction times on Facebook.
Boom. There we have our answer, maximum likes.
Nate Silver, amazing guy.
I saw his keynote address at South by Southwest Interactive.
What a brilliant mind.
For the record, I cannot stand Malcolm Gladwell.
His book Outliers, that's strictly for
people who don't understand statistics.
He had to hit the shovel 10,000 hours of bull [BLEEP] to write that book.
This is interesting.
Data Scientist was recently named the sexiest job of the 21st century.
I tell that to all the women I meet.
I mean, of course, why wouldn't I?
Sadly, I don't think a lot of women read the Economist.
So, I bring the article around with me and I show it to them.
It's right here, in print, sexiest job.
Apparently, they don't find that data very compelling.
And I'm a lonely guy.
How many digits of Pi do I know?
You really want to go there?
I mean, we can go on forever, but you're going to run out of tape.

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