Behind the Scenes at SXSW Interactive [Sponsored]

Booze! Bats! Apps! Go behind the scenes with both an organizer and an attendee of South by Southwest Interactive. Keep Austin weird! (This episode of Vooza is sponsored by [L]earned Media, which provides startup founders with strategic content marketing to help launch or grow your business.)

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South by Southwest Interactive is five
days of compelling
presentations and panels with the
brightest minds in emerging technology.
>> Oh, why'd I come to South by?
Well, you know, I'm here to explore ways
that Vooza can leverage our platform in
enterprise B to B market and also there's
a ton of free booze, so, both things.
>> It's a great place for unknown startups
to get discovered.
South by is all about the little guy.
>> Ashton Kutcher is going to the Snapchat
party, but Bieber is
going to be at the Tinder tango, so it's a
tough call.
>> Their may be a few corporate elements
to South by Southwest interactive,
but really, its the creative aspect of the
event that's much stronger.
>> Target is partnering with Doritos to
create a
giant water slide at an abandoned nuclear
power plant.
Chevy set up a concept care race track in
a circus tent.
There's the Subway Eat Fresh dunk tank,
and the Monster Energy drink sleep tent.
It's just great to see these small brands
getting a break finally.
>> It's a place where products are being
introduced that will change the way we
>> There's a location where food truck
discovery app that's, it's amazing.
Okay, I mean check this out, okay, look a
Japanese soul food on Congress
and Sixth, a whoa look at this there is an
Ecuadorian food truck on Red River
and seventh that serves tacos shaped like
Julian Assange, yes please.
>> The South by housing desk books
attendees at
a great selection of awesome hotels at
affordable rates.
>> I've been telling people I've been
staying at the Four
Seasons, but that's a lie, I actually
tried to save some money.
Got on Air B&B, found this sweet spot,
well they said it was a sweet spot.
It actually turns out that I'm staying
under a bridge, but, you know,
you, you get used to the bats after a
while, they're actually quite docile.
>> And most of all there's the
inspirational experiences that only South
by Southwest can deliver.
>> And most of all, there's the
unforgettable hangovers that only South by
can deliver.
>> We'll be back to this episode of Vooza
in a moment, but here's a word from our
>> This episode of Vooza was sponsored by
Learned Media.
Learned Media provides startup founders
with strategic content
marketing that helps you launch or grow
your business.
>> Plus, have you seen their logo?
They put brackets around the L so it also
says earned media.
See these guys know how to leverage
disruptive buzz
words in order to iterate emerging
solutions for global platforms.
Buzz word, buzz word, buzz word, what is
this, what are we doing here guys.
Just dude, click on the thing or whatever.
>> [MUSIC]
Start-ups, technology, [LAUGH], cell phone
stuff, apps,
you know it, come on, get in here.
Having a good time with your website.
Talking a www dot a good time
Keep Austin weird.
>> Are you going to any of the panels?
>> Panels?
I didn't know they did panels here.
What what, what do they even talk about?
Breakfast tacos?
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