Anti-Social Network

Is social media bringing us together or tearing us apart?

Hey, Charles.
>> Hey, Laura.
>> Are you on Twitter again?
>> Yeah.
A lot of these apps make me feel so connected.
>> Like what apps?
>> Well, so, last night I went out to dinner.
>> Mm-hm.
>> So I made the reservation on OpenTable.
Then when I got there I checked in with my Foursquare.
I took a picture of my food for Instagram.
And a selfie for Facebook.
[LAUGH] And then I had to make a Vine [SOUND] of the bartender making my
watermelon margarita.
Then I Yelped [SOUND] a review of the restaurant and then I tweeted [SOUND]
my review for all my followers, and I just felt so connected.
>> Wow.
That's a, that's a lot of work.
>> Yeah, it's worth it.
[LAUGH] >> Who did you have dinner with?
>> I was alone. >> Again?
>> Yeah.

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