Angel Investor

Steve’s hot to invest in a location aware, real-time panhandling app.

[SOUND] Hey, Sarah?
>> Mm-hm?
>> You wouldn't happen to have eight ones for a $5 bill, would you?
>> I just gave my last few singles to a homeless guy on the subway.
>> Really?
Someone's doing some funding, huh?
Tell me all about it.
>> I think he was just hungry.
>> I think he was just hungry, dot com.
That's catchy.
I like that.
Did you get an equity stake?
>> No.
>> Sarah!
What have we talked about,
when you hear about an opportunity you gotta pounce immediately.
What was his app like?
>> It was just a cardboard sign that said he needed money for food.
>> Okay, so he's got a location aware real time panhandling app.
This guy's good.
I like it.
It's kind of good.
>> I really don't, it's just like.
>> Sarah, say no more.
I want in.
Here's what I need.
I need a term sheet from this guy.
I'm going to call my guy in tech crunch,
we're going to get an announcement post rolling right away.
I'm going to close this deal before Fred Wilson even gets wind of it.
Thank you, Sarah.
Oh, what train was he on?
>> The Q train?
>> Q train.
Of course, great.
What color sweatpants is he wearing?
>> We wasn't wearing any pants.
>> That's my guy.
Sarah, just so you know.
You're not a founder.
>> Okay.
>> Cool.
You are definitely going to want a piece of this.
Okay, picture this, it's like Uber for begging.
Yeah. Yeah, I know it sounds like Kickstarter, but
what about it's like Venmo for hobos.
We could call it, we call it Venbo?
You know what, register that domain right now.

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