10 Steps To Becoming A Brogrammer

This video shows you how to go from programmer to brogrammer. Crushing code and playing beer pong is just the beginning. Watch out, you’re gonna have a major bromance with this video.

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Are you a programmer who's sick of not
getting laid?
>> I am.
>> Well, guess what?
If you can crush code, I can teach you how
to crush hoe's.
>> Really?
>> Yeah, I can teach you to go
from programmer to brogrammer in just ten
easy steps.
>> Number ten, the workout.
>> That feels good.
>> Number nine, the diet.
>> Wait, what are you, what are you-
>> More of the Bull, ride the Bull.
>> [SOUND]
>> Number eight,the beer pong.
Number seven,the collar,you've been popped
>> Okay
>> Number six,the glasses.
Number five, the body spray.
Number four, the inappropriate comment.
>> I don't think I need to-
>> Just do it, do it.
>> Hey Sexy, How about I put my dongle.
>> Number three,the threatened lawsuit.
>> He was talking about his dongle into
like my repo working?
>> His dongle?
>> Number two,the HR meeting.
>> Okay, so you're gonna have to read this
to the whole company.
>> I have to?
>> Number one,the apology.
>> [COUGH] I sincerely apologize for my
My comments do not reflect Vooza's company
values and undermine much in
what our company has done in support of
women in the work place.
>> Thank you.
>> So, like dongle, [SOUND]
>> I now officially deem you a, brogrammer.
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