When Old People Use Snapchat

Watching an old person try to use Snapchat is like watching a bear try to get into a locked garbage can.

Stupid, stupid.
>> What is Steve doing?
>> He's trying to figure out how to use Snapchat, but he's over 30.
>> It's like watching a bear trying to get into a locked garbage can.
>> Snapchat.
So what does the lightning bolt mean?
Does that mean it's about to rain?
>> We should try and help him.
>> What's the deal with this ghost, is that my grandfather?
>> That's the Snapchat logo.
>> So the logo died and then this is the ghost of the logo.
Sure, yes.
>> Cool, I get it.
>> So, what you do is you hit this button in the upper right hand
corner, see?
>> Hey.
>> That’s you. >> Okay, all right.
[LAUGH] >> That’s Steve.
>> Whoa.
>> Okay, now this takes a-
>> I look good.
I swipe left, and that means I do want to get with myself?
>> No. >> Or is it swipe right?
>> You have to- >> I want to get with myself.
>> No. There’s no swiping involved with this.
Do you want to follow people?
>> So you don't snap at Snapchat?
>> That's just the name of it.
>> You just point at it.
You just give it the Fonzie.
>> That's not it either.
>> Okay, so now draw a mustache on yourself.
>> [LAUGH]
Look at that.
>> [LAUGH] Isn't that fun?
>> Wow. That's really.
Yeah, okay.
>> Yeah.
>> A little handlebar.
>> Yeah, yeah.
>> Yeah.
Ladies like that, right?
>> No.
>> Cool.
So then, hey, listen.
How do I.
>> Yeah, the whole reason for Snapchat?
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, you got to meet someone in real life first,
then they have to send it to you.
>> What?
>> Yeah.
>> Seriously.
So I have to already know somebody, and then they'll send me it?
How am I going to.
>> It's a bummer.
>> Wait, why is CNN on here?
Can CNN see all my naked photos?
Because that's kind of awesome.

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