What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is a way to torture your customers or skateboard with coworkers or something like that.

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Onboarding is not legal, anymore.
>> I'm on, yeah.
Onboarding is like, so, it's like someone has in, information.
>> That was a big controversy during Eisenhower's administration.
>> Onboarding.
well, you know about off boarding, right?
>> And it's like kind of, it's like form
of, I think it's like officially a torture.
>> What is onboarding?
Funny you asked.
I was just about to show you.
>> Onboarding is when you're first trying to
get someone to use your app, and so you
have to onboard them in a way that
it's almost like you're trying, to like, bring someone
into a surprise party and you put a
blindfold on them so they don't know where they
are, that's what you're trying to do with
people when you get them to use your app.
>> It's like water-boarding, but you torture people online.
You torture them with constant invites to LinkedIn
to old Myspace accounts, to new Myspace accounts.
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