What is a Phablet?

Learn what a phablet is and why you need one – especially if you are a liar, a vegetarian, or a pervert.

>> A phablet is a really cute,
little it's a cute little critter, it's a little phablet.
>> Phablet a phablet is like sort of a tablet like an iPad or
something but for vegetarians.
>> A phablet is just one of those tab tablet PCs, right?
That it tells lies.
Like, you know how Siri will tell you how to get things?
This, well this will tell like phabs.
>> Phablet is what kids used to call me when I was growing up.
And it's a phrase that I don't endorse and I think it's really mean, and
I want to let everyone out there know.
If you're being called a phablet by anyone in your middle school,
it gets better.
>> It will spit out phabs, you understand?
>> Fibs? >> No, what?
No, fibs are the truth I think, right?
>> A phablet is a, is like a is a, is like a tablet.
Like an iPad or anything, or something like that but a,
what what a phablet is, is it's a, a tablet that only shows the Fonz.
So you can only watch Happy Days,
you can only look at pictures of author, Arthur Fonzarelli.
>> What is a fab, fabu?
>> Phablet. >> Phablet!
>> There might be a way to hack it and you can like maybe watch Laverne &
Shirley on it, but I think it's just, I think it's just for Fonzie mostly.
>> I don't wear them anymore,
because if they're out of season I keep them in the closet,
because I think that eventually like most trends it comes back.
But it's sort of, it's like a sensible skort.
>> A phaplet is a iPad that's used just for pornography.

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