What is 3D Printing?

This is what happens when you combine 3D printing and guns.

Its like a pop up, pop, pop up pictures on the paper.
>> 3D printing, that's a really cool one.
That's where you take like a movie, that isn't in
>> It's like you know when you get your printer.
>> And you sit really close to the screen, and then
you have a buddy push the TV on top of you.
>> And it starts, like, popping images at you and then you have
to put sunglasses on to look at it in order to finish the job.
>> A 3D printer is a printer that prints me fake coupons to Applebee's.
>> Okay, here's the thing about it.
I was a key player in a think tank that proceeded 3D printing.
And I've signed multiple NDAs that don't allow
me to tell you what 3D printing is.
>> A 3D printer is a way to make guns at home.
>> I love 3D printing.
It's like my favorite, most exciting thing about working here, actually.
So I'm glad you asked me about that.
Like have, you know, like when you go to movies.
>> You know, if you're an NRA guy, and you
live in some, you know, liberal place, San Fransisco, you know?
And you're like, hey I need guns.
You buy one of these printers and all you have to
do is flip on the switch and a gun prints out.
>> You have to change an ink
cartridges, that's the thing that always gets me.
And it, it's helpful in marketing.
It's a tool that I use all the time.
>> You can also print bullets, you can print people to
shoot, it's really a, it's going to be the future for violence.

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