A battle to see who’s more OCD. Neat freaks!

>> Ridiculous.
>> Problem?
>> Yeah, Ms.
HPV fingers over there, decided to check her email on my computer.
>> I don't have HPV.
>> Pretty sure you do.
I guess you could say I'm a little OCD.
>> You have OCD.
>> Yeah.
>> You wouldn't know obsession if it compulsed all over your face.
By the way, I think you missed a spot.
>> Oh, did I?
No worries.
Got it.
>> Cleanliness is Godliness, that's what I always say.
>> I couldn't agree more.
>> Clean desk open mind.
>> You dirty, filthy machine.
>> Hey Sauger, Zachs with the hosting company has a question for you.
>> You want me to use your phone?
>> Yes.
>> One sec.
No, don't skip step one.
Loofah the servers counterclockwise.
>> I don't have HPV.
>> Yeah, you do.
>> Well played.
What is this?
Five second rule.

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