Happiness Engineers [Sponsored]

Vooza’s customer support team aims to delight customers by being aggressively friendly.


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At Vooza, we don't have support representatives.
We have happiness engineers.
>> Choo-choo.
>> I mean, we want to delight customers.
Delight them.
>> To every new user, I send a handwritten thank you note.
>> I send a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.
It's gorgeous.
And I just put in a little tiny painting of my dead dog.
Our team is aggressively friendly.
>> Aggressively, yeah.
I mean if you email us, we'll call you back.
>> Yeah.
If you, if you call us, we're going to show up where you work.
>> If you file a restraining order against us, that's not going to stop us.
Who does support well?
Emma, the email marketing platform.
They do a great job.
I was working with one of their support reps recently, and
it was like working with a concierge at a hotel.
It's great. >> Oh you know who my favorite concierge is?
It's the one in Pretty Woman.
>> Remember actually they help you import your email lists.
>> [CROSSTALK] He's like kind of a jerk at first, but then he.
>> Also they'll design your templates with you.
[CROSSTALK]. >> Cocktail dress, because all she has is hooker clothes.
[CROSSTALK]. >> Oh, and they'll guide you through your reports.
[CROSSTALK]. >> And then there's the there,
where he teaches her how to use a fork.
>> It helps you get better results, so.
>> [CROSSTALK] And she doesn't know how to use utensils.
>> I've been really impressed with Emma.
>> And then there's that very last scene, oh God,
the scene is the best, [CROSSTALK] where he tells Edward-
>> I've been really impressed with Emma.
>> Where Vivian lives so
he can ride in his limo and then he climbs up the ladder-
>> I've been really impressed with Emma.
>> [CROSSTALK] And he rescues her.
>> Is that movie over yet?
>> Well no, because you know what happens when he rescues her.
>> No, what?
>> Come on.
>> I don't know.
>> She rescues him back.
>> Jesus.
>> Right? And then what happens?
They lip kiss.
So there was this one customer and he was a musician and
I was like, you're a musician?
I love karaoke.
You know?
I mean, think about how powerful that is.
It's like I get you.
You know, he got that.
I get you.
As opposed to those other customer service people that
are all like [SOUND].
How can I help you?
>> I am a robot.
>> [SOUND] You know?
So, instead he gets, what if God was one of us?
>> [SOUND] Just a slob like one of us?
Can I get some more reverb, please?
>> Just a stranger on a bus.

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