Earnings Call [Sponsored]

Watch as Vooza’s chief embraces his inner Donald Trump and abruptly fires an employee during an earnings call. (Sponsored by Ustream, learn more about Ustream Live Video Content.)

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Hello, and welcome to the live Ustream video broadcast
to discuss Vooza's financial earnings for the past quarter.
I am.
Tyler, what are you doing?
>> I'm just taking a few photos for our internal websites.
>> All right, can you just put the camera down, please?
>> I need you to cheat out a little bit.
>> Yeah, I'm excited to talk about
our financial earnings with business and technology.
Put the camera down.
>> Okay.
>> Business and technology report.
Tyler put the camera down, you're fired, all right, you're fired.
>> I like that passion!
Say that again and smile, okay?
>> I'm not joking, you're really fired, get out now.
So I'm excited to discuss Vooza's financial earnings with business and
technology reporters, we've had a lot of exciting things going on.
>> Hey!
Hey, Matt.
>> What?
>> I hired Tyler, you can't just fire him like that.
>> Well, we need to be more secretive.
All right?
Can't be giving the game plan away.
>> You gave me full control over the engineering department, what
good am I if you're just going to overturn everything I do?
>> Okay, I'm not going to deal
with this kind of insubordination, all right?
Not in public.
You're fired too.
>> You just lost your franchise, baby.
Hey, Matt, you can't fire Sagar!
>> Why not?
>> Because he still owe me 50 bucks
from that bet we made on that peak video.
>> I told you to stop betting on animal videos.
>> Oh, yeah, like I'm going to see that a pig and a zebra drinking
from the same bowl of water and not better which one gets quenched first?
I dont think so Matt, I am not a robot.
>> You know what, I warned you, you're fired.
>> I get it, I bet you I'm.
>> No, you're fired.
Get out.
You're all fired.
Anyone else want a piece?
Anyone want some of this?
how many employees do we have left?
Hey hang on, hang on why don't you come back Yeah, I need to
publicly acknowledge the mistake I just made
by firing you on this live Ustream broadcast.
>> Yes, you did.
>> That was a mistake.
As the leader of this organization, I need to be more responsible.
I feel really bad.
I'd like to invite you call to come back and work here again.
>> How about a please, Matt?
>> Please come back here and work here again.
>> Yeah, sure, totally.
I'm in.
>> All right, thanks, guys.
So anyway, yeah.
I guess I have a tea time [SOUND] how much did Vooza make last quarter?
yeah, no, it was great to discuss this all with you.
I'm really excited to come back in a quarter and [SOUND].
We never heard about your financial earnings.
yeah, our goal is to be less not profitable
every quarter and to monetize eyeballs and turn affinity
into revenue, and leverage synergies, and do all kinds
of Warren Buffet things and, you know, venture capital stuff.
And IPO.
Exit strategy.
That's mine right now.
>> Hey, sorry.
It's got a hot tip on albino humpback whale that's giving birth,
I will give you three to one odds the baby's an albino too.
>> Australia or New Zealand?
>> Australia.
>> All right, deal.
>> Bet is on my friend.
[SOUND] What's that?
>> What?
Do you have any revenue coming?
>> Revin?
>> Reevenue?
>> Reven, what is revenue?
>> Think it's a business school term.
I never went to business school.
>> I don't know what that is.
>> Maybe it's German or something.
>> Yeah, I would guess German.
>> Oh, oh, oh, here we go, we've got video footage, it is crowning!
It is crowning!

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