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Early Investing: Early Investing w/ Matthew Stillman and Matt Ruby (Nov 25, 2014)

Ugtastic: Interview with Vooza founder Matt Ruby (Nov 13, 2014)

Web Domination: 6 secrets to startup success with Matt from Vooza (May 7, 2013)

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“The Spinal Tap of startups, Vooza winningly spoofs a scene that often takes itself too seriously.”

“The most hilarious tech startup spoof EVER.”
Huffington Post

“A must-watch.”
The Next Web

“Viral video done right…an instant hit…comedic genius.”

“Probably the best startup video yet.”

“Really funny.”


Wired UK profile of Vooza.

Wired UK (2/2) profile of Vooza.

Vooza in Financial Times

Vooza in Financial Times.

Vooza in Young Entrepreneur.

Vooza in Entrepreneur.

Vooza in Wired UK

Vooza in Wired UK (1/2).

“Startups I’m seeing in SF sound just like this.”
Tim Ferriss, author The 4-Hour Workweek

“Vooza is clearly on to something.”
Jason Fried, 37signals

“You need to watch this.”
Jared M. Spool, User Interface Engineering

“Spot on.”
Laughing Squid

“Must watch. Brilliant. Full of epic punch lines.”

Tech Cocktail

Steve Case, AOL founder


“This will be huge.”

“Unique and creative.”

“Dude, if you’re not signed up for Vooza yet, you’re so f*cking behind.”
David Heinemeier Hansson, Ruby on Rails

“The right blend of humor and creativity.”

“An ad-supported video Web series that satirizes, among other things, a dysfunctional tech startup’s quest for money.”
Crain’s New York Business

“Absolut sehenswert!”

“It’s a fresh angle that could be hitting at a good time for its niche…Founders nowadays know it’s good for business to be funny. It’ll be fun to see what comes out of Vooza in the future.”

“Nothing has generated interest among the VC (and entrepreneur) community like a series of about 30 mockumentary videos about a company called Vooza.”
Young Entrepreneur

“We adore those that are willing to take a step back and mock the scene a little bit for its cute cartoons, hyperbole and ridiculous clichés…just incredibly funny.”
-Kevin May, tnooz

“Vooza a détecté les ‘secrets des startups successfull’ pour le plus grand plaisir de la rédaction…les vidéos de Vooza sont un régal.”

“Unlike all the other tech companies trying their hand at humour, Vooza’s parodies on modern startup culture are accurate and entertaining.”

“The right blend of straight faced, satirical, mockumentary style humor that’s in step with popular internet culture. [Vooza’s] certainly captured the pulse of the startup community with their videos.”
Startups FM

“Hilarious…while it is a parody, we hate to admit that this rings true for many startups we’ve seen come and go over the years.”

“An internet icon…the fact that an unreal company can have a better PR campaign than most real ones should say something.”

“A video comic strip pointing out the absurdities of the tech startup world.”
Future Insights (interview)

“It’s nice to finally see a video poking fun at Apple fans with some comic muscle behind it. From the talented folks over at Vooza, check out this hilarious depiction of how Apple fans act during an Apple keynote.”

“Vooza is one of the very few advertising vehicles I go out of my way to watch and being precisely targeted they are, I am told, very effective. If this is what the future of Internet advertising looks like, I really won’t mind ads at all.”
Network World

“Hilarious videos that expose the vacuous nonsense pervading the world of high-tech startups…They’re well-crafted and feature deadpan performances that at times are nothing short of  brilliant.”
Smarter Storytelling

“Awesome spoof.”
TEDtalks Blog

Who else? Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), David Karp (Tumblr), Jason Kottke, Wired UK, NY Times, Financial Times, Vice, and publications in Poland, Germany, and Holland

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